The Company

Our company “Tzelepis Meat” is mainly a family business with tradition in the meat production and trade that lasts 4 generations to present.

The object of the company is the production of cattle, the import and export of fresh meat as well as the retail sales.

The family form of the company allows a greater control in every stage of production and trade. In addition, we are certified with ISO 22000:2005 ensuring even more the security of the products. Since 2006 we have a privately – owned factory in the industrial area of Drama in order to import and distribute meat in the internal market. Moreover, we trade home-grown meat resulting in a wide range of products.

The company has a refrigerator truck and van that fully cover the need of transporting its products fresh and safe to the consumer.

Our customers that come from various parts of the market such as butcher’s shops, grill-houses and restaurants have acknowledged our company’s consistency in service, quality of products and knowledge of needs of every small or larger business.

Our cattle-farm is in the area of Alistrati in the prefecture of Serres since 1979 and deals with meat-production and milk-production cattle.

Furthermore, we have a retail sales shop in the city centre of Drama in the Georgiou Stavrou street.